Information and registration for         summer school


The summer-school is a project of tun.starthilfe. We invite all people, who want to learn the german language, for two weaks to the campus of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.



We would like to learn from each other. Because of that, every participant can offer a workshop. If you want to offer a workshop, please contact the team, that does the preparation of the summer-school.



Who can take part in the summer-school? All people, that want to learn the german language (level A1-A2). People who aren't allowed to take part in a conventional German language course, can participate, too.



When is the summer-school? It's from August the 16th until August the 30th. The summer-school is only on the regular weekdays (Monday – Friday).



How does everything work? We pick you up from your place by bus or give you tickets for the bus. The German lessons, which are given by volunteers, will be in the forenoon. After that, we will take lunch together. The workshops, with topics like culture, religion, society and sustainability, will be in the afternoon.
We bring everyone back home in the late afternoon.



How much is it? The patricipation is 30€ for one person and 40€ for a family. Everyone has to pay 10€ as a pawn additionally. The pawn is necesarry, because many people didn't came to the last summer-school. They just used the tickets for the busses, but didn't take part in the German lessons. That is way too expensive for us.


How does the registration work? You can register here or in writing from the 1st of July. You can get more information from the helpers.


We look forward to seeing you.


Your organisation-team




Application for single Person
Anmeldung 2017 Einzelperson.pdf
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Application for Families
Anmeldung 2017 Familie.pdf
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